Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Visit to the Homeland

We took a trip to Wisconsin over the long weekend for Drew and Shahree's wedding. Their celebration was happy and beautiful and the weather in Milwaukee was perfection. 
Being by the lake, like being by the ocean last week, has been so great for me. I am calmed when I feel the breeze over the lake, or smell the salt of the sea water. My breath feels grounded in something so big and heavy and certain.
They did a really neat processional during the wedding ceremony - Drew was walked with his mom and Shahree's mom on his arms, and Shahree was walked down the aisle by her adorable son, Anthony. Then at the end, Drew, Shahree and Anthony walked out hand in hand, as a lovely little family.
Before the reception, we took some pictures while the wedding party did all of their formal photographs.
The post-ceremony festivities included feasting, dancing, and a heartbreakingly beautiful toast by Wyn. In the morning we had a delicious brunch (Door County cherry stuffed french toast!) in the historic Third Ward, and then Eli and I spent afternoon and night at his dad's house. 
 We went to an out-of-this-world dinner (I wish I'd taken pictures of the food, it was gorgeous) at a restaurant called Odd Duck, which I RECOMMEND IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS! and then continued to stuff ourselves by getting some famous frozen custard at Kopp's.
 We played with their hilarious dogs and Eli's stepmom got out some truly priceless photos of Eli as a kid.
We are glad to be home with the Darbs, but it was nice to be back in the land of my birth, and to see so many important faces in person. I'll be seeing my mom, cousin, and grandfather in a couple weeks in DC, so I will be all full of family love, which I will try to keep soaking up and storing away for the times I feel so far from loved ones. 

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gportelli said...

sounds like an awesome weekend! love your dress, too!

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