Thursday, May 23, 2013

Nothing Works How It's Supposed To

Here I am, back at the car dealership, waiting again for my car and preparing to fork over an amount of money that will probably make me cry. We were driving the other day and suddenly water stared pouring onto my feet from under the dash board, and we heard a strange sloshing sound whenever we turned, as though a large amount of water was trapped in there. The water just kept coming, and then there started to be a loud crackling sound when I turned on the air conditioning.
Why does nothing work how it's supposed to? Why do I feel like I'm being scammed on a bi-monthly basis? Is my car a dud and should I sell/trade it in? I hate this place.


gportelli said...

boo :(
love you.

Theresa said...

Hi Lizzie...artist girl...Come say hi, there is a giveaway this week.

annapate said...

ugh! car troubles are the worst!!

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