Saturday, April 6, 2013

The "Shwoopy" Roofed House of Dreams

 This house has been my favorite in Durham since I moved here. I will literally drive out of my way just to pass by and ogle it. And today, it was listed for sale.
It is in the best neighborhood, right across the street from an amazing park, and easy walking distance to the cutest shops and restaurants in town. Because of those things, coupled with the new kitchen and other upgrades, it's pretty much the perfect house, and that's not even taking into account the EXTREME adorableness (all of those factors also make it way out of our price range). Look at the shwoopy roofline and the arbor and the beautiful wood door! Here are some photos of the inside:
There is an open house tomorrow so Eli and I are thinking of dressing up like rich people and going to see it. You know how much I like looking at houses...


annapate said...

The interior looks like a bigger version of the house you already live in :) it's beautiful.

Liz said...

I do like our current house a lot, so if i could pick it up and plop it down in this neighborhood, that would be perfectly good alternative :)

annapate said...

Maybe we could all go in on this one together and start our hippie commune there? xoxo

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