Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bird Nest Helpers

Yesterday Eli and I ran a family workshop together in the woods called Art in Nature. To welcome and show gratitude for Spring, one of my projects was to build a sculptural "nest starter" - a circular orb filled with offerings for the birds to take and use in the construction of their nests.
 The first step was to gather grass, straw, leaves, moss, pine needles, cattail fluff, and anything else that might help a bird build a comfortable nest. We spread out and collected our natural items, then came back together to construct the orbs. It was neat how everyone built theirs a little differently and in their own style. 
Then we filled them with the things we had gathered, along with bits of twine, string, and wool. 
They turned out beautifully.  Hopefully they'll make the birds happy, too.


annapate said...

whoa, you guys are the cutest woodland couple ever..

andrea said...

I love these!

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