Thursday, April 4, 2013


For my "spring break" I went to Iowa for a few days and stayed with Anna and Joseph and Henry, who just turned one. I got some intensive toddler experience and also some much needed friend time.
Fun Fact: Henry currently has three and a half teeth.
 He is also very very into music. He loves turning the knobs on the radio, dancing (bouncing), and singing (harmonic babbling).We left Henry with Joseph and went to the super awesome local flea market. We helped pick out ten million glass bottles for Gina to use as centerpieces at her wedding this summer.
I wanted a lot of stuff at the flea market (that was too big to take on a plane).
 On Wednesday I babysat Henry While Anna had to go to some work meetings. It was for like 4 hours and I was exhausted. Parents are super heros.


gportelli said...

henry! you little maniac. it was great to see you lizzie! love,g

annapate said...

Lizzie, I miss you. I had so much fun seeing your beautiful face :) Love 4 ever, anna

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