Monday, March 11, 2013

Waiting and Whining

For a few months I've been working on getting a program started to do some digital art therapy work on the pediatric bone marrow transplant unit at Duke. There have been a lot of forms, meetings, proposals, emails, more meetings, and more paperwork. Everything has been moving along though, and things are looking promising. Last week I had to go have a pretty comprehensive "health review" to make sure I have clearance to be around immuno-suppressed patients. So I got all my immunization records and health documents and went to Duke to meet with a nurse. She gave me a TB test, and drew blood to check my antibody levels for immunity to Varicella (chicken pox), Mumps, and other scary diseases. She told I'd need a whooping cough vaccine, a flu shot, and a Tetanus booster and to come back on Monday (today) for those and to have the TB test read and get the antibody results (which would mean even more shots).
But this morning when I got in my car to go back to Duke hospital... My car wouldn't start. My car is relatively new and I take good care of it; I always do it's tune-ups right on time and change the oil and everything. So this was unexpected. It took about 10 minutes but I got it started and decided to take it to get checked out at the service center, where I was led to a waiting room and proceeded to drink a lot of terrible coffee.
Two and a half hours later, I gave them a bunch of my money and still had no clear explanation of what was wrong. I did find out that if this happens again I will need a new starter (to the tune of $480) and OH GUESS WHAT, my warranty expired LAST WEEK. Obviously.

So then it was off to Duke, where I waited some more. Then I met with a nurse who told me my antibody levels were all good and I don't have TB. Good news! But then she told me all the shots I need are not only not available through her because I am not funded through Duke - becaue my program receives outside funding I am technically a volunteer and they can't vaccinate non-employees. Not only that, but they are surprisingly expensive and unless I got them today and went BACK to duke with my documentation I couldn't get my health review cleared.
So off to the Target clinic, got painful shots, gave them the rest of my money, back to Duke, waited some more in a creepy basement waiting area for another nurse, and finally got my health review clearance.

All of that is to say that I have very sore arms and no money and maybe a busted car.

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gportelli said...

boooo! that's the worst. feel better. can't wait to see you soon!

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