Monday, March 25, 2013

Rebecca got Married

My cousin Rebecca and her boo (Bryan) had a simple and sweet wedding ceremony and a beautiful reception in a converted warehouse space. Coincidentally, there was an exhibition for the 10 year anniversary of the You Are Beautiful project, which Anna and Joseph collaborated on several times over the years.
There was even more You Are Beautiful in the bathroom, written so it could be read when you are looking in the mirror:
Speaking of beautiful, Eli's beard was large and lush and received several compliments.
In the dining space there were tulips on every table, Rebecca's favorite.Here is my mom in mid-giant-laugh during a sweet dance with Eli: Dessert!
Here I am with my littlest cousin, Alison, who was a bridesmaid (and is not so little anymore).
And "doing the spin thing" with Rania :
I wish I had taken more pictures (with an actual non-phone camera) but I was busy eating doughnuts and dancing and playing with babies. 

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