Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Catching Up

Other than the trip to Asheville in December, here are some other things that happened in the last couple months:
1) Brian temporarily moved in with us while he got ready to move to D.C. (she may not look it in this photo, but Darby was THRILLED about the extra attention from Uncle Brian)
 2) We had Thanksgiving on Gemma and Stephen's farm. We brought bacon-wrapped apple-cornbread-stuffing balls. They were amazing.
 3) The Art Therapy Institute hosted a Winter art show to display the work created by our clients in the EC program (including this torn paper mandala and these adorable puppets made with recyclables).
4) Jeni came to visit and we got manicures and drank tea and I took this very cute picture of her
 5) We celebrated Hannukah, Christmas, and my birthday. Darby got a stuffed hedgehog as a gift from my mom, which she loved (to death).
 6) I did a lot of work at my residency through the Durham Arts Council, including facilitating making a 6'x15' mural with middle schoolers.
 7) Attended Judah's first birthday party, remembered how cute 1 year olds are.
 (even when they're grumpy)


Anonymous said...

love, mom

gportelli said...

glad you're back to blogging! i never gave up on checking it all the time :) looks like you've been having a fun winter.

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