Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Simple Ombre Mobile

I got some model magic to use at work, and since I'd never used it before, I did some playing around with it yesterday. I ended up making a couple of simple mobiles, and I'm thinking I'll try something similar with some of my clients. It was a nice sensory experience but wouldn't be too complicated or frustrating for the lower functioning kids who have difficulty with fine motor tasks.
Materials needed:
 1oz. packet of yellow model magic
 1oz. packet of white model magic
a twig
some string
a needle

I rolled a little bit of yellow model magic into a ball and smushed it to create round, somewhat flat disks. 
I did this with the yellow first, then slowly mixed in the white, ending with a few disks that were purely white. Then I took a bunch of photos of the little nuggets drying - I just think they look so pretty all lined up.
They look like little candies or something. I strung them with onto some cotton twine with a regular sewing needle. They were easy to puncture once they dried, and very light weight - almost the texture of a super stale marshmallow.
I strung them a couple different ways and still can't decide which way I like best. Here is the "necklace style":
And here is the "abacus style":
Which way do you like best?

I've done simple mobiles with children using lots of materials in the past. I just really like the look things that hang... Here are links to a few of them:


Jeni said...

I like the abacus!

Meg said...

These are so pretty!

Rebecca Howe said...

So neat! I like necklace style!

Anonymous said...

abacus style :)
love, mom

Nikki N said...

I totally love this! So simple & pretty. Necklace style is my fave.

julie said...

necklace style!

Helen Walsh said...

Definitely the abacus style for me! I found your blog through the 'next blog' button. I've really enjoyed reading your posts; I work with adults and children with disabilities (mostly learning disabilities) so it was really interesting reading about some of your experiences.

Vasudha S said...

I liked the abacus style..

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