Sunday, September 16, 2012

Topsail Weekend

This weekend we escaped to Topsail Island and soaked in the salty ocean.  Our friends David and Anna were staying at a lovely beach house and generously invited us to stay with them and their kiddos, Izzy and Theo. We swam in the ocean, built sandcastles (and sand pyramids and sand turtles), flew kites, played frisbee, cooked, painted, and played in the pool. We talked about politics and parenting and health care, ate fudge, had mini dance parties, played cards, and read a whole bunch of books (out loud and in a variety of voices). As usual, I took a bazillion photos of the remarkably adorable kids. 
I brought some little bottles for Izzy to fill with sand as a vacation keepsake. She was very excited about this.
Theo is only 10 weeks old, and found the beach to be very restful.
But when he was awake, he made The Best Faces Ever.
Izzy and I got to do a lot of art together - watercolors, stenciling, drawing games, stickers... And Eli and I taught her to play Go Fish.
Being by the water was really good for my spirit.

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Anonymous said...

ooooh! looks delightful!
love, mom

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