Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Things I did and didn't do

Things I successfully completed this week:
  • Took my car for it's tune-up; interacted with car dudes about car-related things in a non-embarrassing manner.  
  • Took Darby to the vet; responsibly procured her heartworm and flea medications and held her little paw as she got her vaccines (she was so brave).
  • Signed up for a professional development workshop for later this month about the new curriculum standards going into place this year (and how to weave those into the art projects I do with students).
  • Sent a care package to Brian in Ohio.
  • Admired my now double-ringed ring finger (difficult, I know).
Things I successfully avoided doing this week:
  • Write thank you notes (such an overwhelming project)
  • Find a place to have my dress cleaned 
  • Weed the damn patio (it's the ultimate exercise in futility)

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