Friday, August 10, 2012

Paper Mache Masks

This week we got started on a multi-week project in Art Club - creating our own silly paper mache masks using found materials. Here are some of the recycled items I brought for the kids to use:
Each student got a heavy-duty paper plate to use as the foundation of their mask. Then they played around with the materials and brainstormed how they'd like their mask to look.
Some students chose to make "human" masks, while others did animals, robots, and monsters...
Here is one mask with all it's features attached, right before we started the paper mache step - this one is "a surprised alien":
 Once the features were securely attached with masking tape, we mixed up our paper mache paste (3 cups of water and three cups of flour) and covered our masks with strips of newspaper dipped in the paste. Here is a mask with an eye that opens and closes:
 And here is a robot with a crazy-cool "electric eye" (made from a colored popsicle stick and a test tube):
  They are so awesomely creative. They will dry and harden until next week, when we will paint them.

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