Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Strange Place (Among the Taffeta and Lace)

I went to the bridal store in Raleigh yesterday for a dress fitting. And let me say: Whoa. It is SO formal there. And so wedding-y. That should go without saying, I guess, but it's really so intense as to be hilarious. The ladies asked me lots of questions that I didn't know how to answer. Like: Are you working with a personal trainer to prepare? Where are you getting the "formal bridal portrait" done? Your shoe's won't make you taller than the groom, will they (THE HORROR)? What do you mean you're wearing flats? What do you mean you're not wearing a veil?! What do you mean you're not having a bachelorette party!? Have you had your boudoir photos taken yet? How and where did he propose? What do you mean you "proposed to each other"? Wait, he's already seen the dress (MORE HORROR)? It was sort of funny to be seen as some sort of alien bride.
Here I am seated underneath an aforementioned "formal bridal portrait", which appears to be a regular photograph that has been photoshopped to look like it was painted by hand or something.

In the end, my dress fits and all is well. I got it on sale at the store's trunk show - it's made by Ivy & Aster and is called "Oh, Joy" (I love the name). Now it is getting pressed and I can pick it up on Friday, when I will probably get to further dash the dreams the ladies have for my "fairy tale day". 


Robyn K said...

what the hell are boudoir photos?

Liz said...


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