Monday, July 23, 2012

Heart-felt cupcake toppers

We decided early on that we wee doing cupcakes rather than a traditional wedding cake, partly because you can have a bunch of different flavors, and partly because I really liked the idea of getting to make some interesting, handmade cupcake toppers.
Once I had my plan, I ordered some felt on etsy and sorted out all the red/orange/pink/etc scraps. After that there was a lot of cutting. 
I cut freehand, making hearts of varying sizes and shapes, but made sure to cut a counterpart to each unique heart so the two sides of each cupcake topper could be sewn together evenly.
Then there was a lot of sewing. I sewed hearts at the dinner table, in bed, and on the front porch. I carried some in my purse and stitched them while my oil was being changed or while I sat in waiting rooms. I used a simple running stitch and various shades of embroidery floss, and stuffed them using a small crochet hook to help urge the stuffing into the right places.
Some of the hearts were big...
and others were little...
Once they were all stuffed and stitched, I separated out the larger ones (for another project) and stuck a toothpick in the bottom of the small ones - and poof! Cupcake toppers. 
I also made some extras that the florist will incorporate into the arrangements and corsages.
Update - here are some wedding images so you can see the hearts in action:

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