Monday, May 21, 2012

Weed by Weed - A work in progress

We have a funny little space between our house and garage that is home to a very neglected brick patio. I so much want to have a cute outdoor dining space, but it seemed so daunting to tackle all this. Ready to be horrified? Here is the "Before" shot - an overgrown disaster:
One day I just sat myself on the ground and started weeding it (life lesson: just start somewhere) and have been working really hard to get it into a non-embarrassing state. Eli took the mower into that little back area that is like a mini-lawn. With the jungle of grass mowed, there was just endless weeding. Darby was pretty unhelpful, though she did keep me company.
There were a bunch of mini maple trees growing along the edge if the house:
 And this ridiculous "beanstalk"weed - I don't know if you can tell how big it is in this photo, but it's as tall as I am):
I worked on it little by little, for an hour each day after work, and started making progress.
 Weed by weed...
And I'm almost done!
Once the weeding is finished, there are still many other plans for this space - lighting and a dining table and some container plants as money and time allow. Hopefully the final product will make for an exciting transformation. I do really like a good "before and after" reveal, you know? (Does that mean I watch too much HGTV?)


gportelli said...

whoa! good work.

Brandon J. Carver said...

I also love before and afters, and HGTV! I love to witness people creativity with spaces, it says a lot about the person.

O'Melly said...

Lookin' great! I love looking at photos of others' garden/landscape work!

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