Saturday, May 26, 2012

Patio Update

Here is our freshly weeded patio with the giant umbrella my dad and deb got us for our wedding shower: 
I've never had a brick patio before moving to Durham, and I know it makes me sound like a whiney baby, but I had NO idea how much work it would be to maintain. The last couple weeks one or both of us has weeded every day, just to get it cleared out, and you can see in the photo above that weeds are already growing back in the cracks. It's never ending!  If anyone has any ideas or tricks for maintenance, we'd love to hear them. We are hoping to avoid going the toxic-chemical route, but we also don't have an hour a day to devote to the yard... We've heard of trying to grow moss in the cracks to fill them in? We might look into that. Anyway, as promised, here is the before and after, HGTV style!
And After: 

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Textile Tragic said...

I've heard that you can pour boiling water on to the weeds to kill them. Haven't tried it myself, but it may be worth a go. It looks great all tidied up!

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