Monday, April 30, 2012

Paper Mache Puppets

We worked long and hard on our puppets in art club today. First, the kids did sketches of their ideas. Then we balled up some newspaper and used masking tape to attach it to sticks we found outside:
 Then we made ears and other features (also with newspaper and tape):
This kindergartener initially sketched a short-beaked bird, but decided to go with a more exaggerated beak once he started putting it all together:
After we made armatures out of newspaper and tape, we got out the paper mache. Here is a dog puppet with a couple layers of paper mache:
 And a stoic deer:
 And a silly bunny:
 And a happy panda bear:
 And a precious unicorn:
And a mythical dragon:
And a long-beaked bird:
Next week we'll paint them. I kind of can't wait. The kids are totally awesome, as evidenced by 8 year old Ellen's rad outfit:
Click here to see the kids' finished puppets!

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