Thursday, April 19, 2012

Housing the art supplies

I've been doing some cleaning and organizing in the studio, and even though I have two giant bookcases and a large cabinet in there, I still feel like I need more storage. Part of the problem is that I keep all my art supplies for work in there - a stash of stuff that is ever-growing. So now I'm thinking about putting some shelves on the wall above my desk for more books and supplies and artwork. Here are some ideas:
I think the extra storage would be really nice, and everything could have a little breathing room instead of being all packed together like it currently is:
But my concern is: are floating shelves a bad idea for a room that will probably have to serve another function (most likely a combo studio + guest room) in the coming years? Are they going to look too office-y? Should I just buy another freestanding bookcase to keep things flexible? Or should we go all out and ditch the mismatched bookcases to install built in bookshelves in kind of like this?
Or (be still my heart) along the whole long wall like this? Wouldn't that be good for studio and/or bedroom storage?
I know from our previous built-in experience that doing so would be quite a big undertaking (and lets face it, most of it would fall on Eli). So I guess I just sort of talked my self in a circle and now i'm right back to where I started, thinking that a couple of floating shelves above the desk would be the easiest...

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gportelli said...

this sounds complicated. do you already have this?:
i vote for something like that. then you'll have lots of re-arranging options as the room evolves.

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