Sunday, April 22, 2012

DIYing our Invitations, Part 1: Printing, cutting, belting

We got our invitations all finished up, after many busy evenings of cutting and printing and trimming and formatting, and all the other little things I never realized goes into making your own wedding invitations. I managed to do it all on a pretty tight budget ($175 including postage) and took lots of photos along the way. Sooo, here's   a̶ ̶p̶e̶e̶k̶ ̶a̶t̶  more than you ever wanted to know about the process:
For our stamped save the dates, I used brown craft paper with black and white ink and a little red accent. I wanted the same vibe and similar colors for the invites, so I bought packs of cardstock in craft-paper-brown and creamy-off-white (the 50-sheet packages were on sale at Michael's for $2.99). 
I did the formatting and design of the invites on my mac (using a combination of Photoshop and Word) in just one color (black) to keep it simple.
To make it easy on myself, I printed them two to a page so all I had to do was slice each page down the middle. The reply cards I printed 4 to a page and just cut the page in quarters. But wait, there's more! See this little thingy? It's my corner rounder punch a.k.a. new favorite thing.
I rounded the all corners of the invitations (printed on cream) and the reply cards and rehearsal dinner announcements (printed on brown).
I really loved the craft paper and was feeling good about minimizing printing costs by only using black ink, but I still wanted a little bit of color. So I spent about 6 bucks on some 12"x12" sheets of nice paper from the craft store and made these little "belts" to hold the various pieces of the invites together.
First I cut the paper into 12"x1.5" strips with my handy little paper cutter.
This gave me 8 belts per page and left just a smidge of extra paper, which was convenient, because I didn't have to use the edge with the bar code and color specifications printed on it.
Once I had cut out the bands of color, I folded them to fit the invites (which were 5.5" wide). I lined up the edge with the grid on my cutting mat to make sure I was folding each one the same.
 Then I attached the colorful belt to itself with a little piece of pattered washi tape.
Once I had made 80 little belts, I slipped them on the invites and reply cards (reply envelopes hadn't arrived yet) and set them aside in a wolbley pile.
Success! That little bit of color was just what I wanted. Next up - envelope addressing, stamping, and stuffing...

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gportelli said...

quite the process. exciting!

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