Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I discovered a dream world

I like to drive around and look at neighborhoods. I always have, even as a little kid. In fact, as a baby, driving through twisty neighborhood streets was the only way my parents could get me to sleep. So sometimes when I have a little extra time between appointments, I take myself on tours of different areas. I find cute parks, admire gardens and houses and fences, think about paint colors and porch swing ideas and whether or not we should get a chicken coop or build a pergola. Today I was in Carrboro for work, and I had some time to kill before my next session, so I wandered. I drove down some twisty road until I came upon a colorful world of brightly painted homes, communal garden plots, solar panels, bikes, canoes, and park trails. 
In other words, I discovered the co-housing compound of my dreams, a place I want to move all my family and friends so we can cook and garden and raise babies and have parties in the giant "common house" and live close together in happy sustainable loveliness forever.
 I got home and googled like I've never googled before. And here it is, this dream place
But wait: there's more! Literally. There are several other co-housing communities in the triangle area (like this one, this one, this one, and this one), although this one seems to be the most colorful and is therefore my favorite, I think.


Megan said...

Incredible. I love the colors, looks like SF!

Tanya said...

i'm in :)

Anonymous said...

this reminds me of living arrangements in Denmark... - -- lovely --- love, mom

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