Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Printing canvas bags (an "I Heart Art" adventure)

Why yes, it's true! On this lovely Valentine's Day, I printed a hundred canvas bags for the Art Therapy Institute's "I Heart Art" fundraiser this weekend. I don't have printmaking equipment - not even silk screens - so I just sort of used what I had and made it work. They're not perfect, but they're sweet and handmade and I think they'll be cute at the fundraiser.
It took a lot of time to make so many, but the process was actually really easy. And I took a bunch of pictures so you can see how to do it, too. 
Here are the materials:
Acrylic paint
Contact paper
X-acto knife
Foam brush
Canvas bag (or whatever you want to print on)
A piece of cardboard (not pictured)
First, cut a heart (I did it free-hand, but you could trace one if you want it to be more precise) out of a piece of contact paper using an X-acto knife (do this on a cutting mat or piece of cardboard to protect your surfaces). Then peel the backing off the contact paper and place the stencil on a canvas bag.
Place the piece of cardboard inside the bag so paint doesn't leak through the back. Using a foam brush,  fill in the heart with a layer of acrylic paint.
Gently peel off the stencil, remove cardboard, and set aside to dry.
Repeat 100 times (I used the same stencil for all 100 - it got less sticky but still did the trick!).
(This project has been approved by Darby)


Anonymous said...

may i buy 2 or 3? if so, how much ??
love, mom

gportelli said...

quite the process. good work!

markkfinn said...

There are so many marketing items that have different kinds of imprinting.

scrapbook supplies

Hillary said...


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