Sunday, January 8, 2012

table update

Have you seen our newly refinished butcher block table top? We got it for free because it was covered in hideous red linoleum affixed with tar - a really awful combination. When we discovered that there was hardwood butcher block underneath, Eli got to work scraping and sanding and when Michal Ann visited she jumped in and did tons of work on it. 
It's beautiful and shiny and sturdy and the wood is a million different amazing colors. A favorite feature is the zig-zag sutures that someone put in long ago to fix a separation in the wood.
Here it is all ready for dinner:
i think it's just so pretty.


AnDee said...

I think you are right!
Well done!

Monica said...


Anonymous said...

beautiful.... enjoy !
love, mom

catbird365 said...

Great find. And your hard work made it gorgeous.

gportelli said...


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