Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lucky me

If you live within a 100 mile radius, you probably used to hearing my squeals of joy whenever a package arrives from a friend. This is partly because I love getting mail, and partly because I have really awesome friends who send really awesome packages.
Exhibit A: 
My dear friend Anna has been taking a letterpress class and sent me some of her lovely prints for my birthday. I found a frame this weekend that's just the right size for one of them - I'm so excited to hang it up... 
Exhibit B: 
I got an adorable birthday package from Gina, and when I opened the card, this sweet little charm fell out.
I'm going to find a nice long chain for it. Because I have a feeling it's lucky.


annapate said...

awe. I am glad the package arrived. I miss you ♥

Anonymous said...

to have such friends is a gift indeed...
love, mom

gportelli said...

it is lucky. love you.

Lisa-Marie said...

Your friends are lovely - which means you must be too. :)

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