Thursday, March 31, 2011

otomi textiles

I really want a small one to put over the bed...
But this Mandarina Otomi Pillow and Coverlet Set is just the best:
NEW!!! Mandarina Otomi Pillow and Coverlet Set


Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Letters And Numbers - Vintage Wall Hanging

i just spotted this vintage embroidered wall hanging on etsy.

table renovations and swivel chair options

well, we have inherited a gigantic old table for the bargain price of free. it was donated to eli's work but they don't have room for it, so it is becoming our new art table.
it is a neat old table - the bottom has flaking remnants of labels indicating it was a duke university library table in it's previous life. at some point, though, the beautiful butcher block top was "updated" with an unfortunate brown linoleum glued to the top. 
so we took the entire top off (this was harder than i make it sound) and replaced with a piece of laminate from home depot for now, while eli tries to refurbish the original top out in his garage palace. 
since it was a library table, it is a bit taller than a regular table or desk, so we will need some height-adjustable chairs... i am eying these pocketbook-friendly options ($22 and $34) at ikea:
SNILLE Swivel chair blue Width: 26 3/8 " Depth: 26 3/8 " Max. height: 32 5/8 " Seat width: 18 1/8 " Seat depth: 15 3/8 " Min. seat height: 15 3/8 " Max. seat height: 20 1/8 "  Width: 67 cm Depth: 67 cm Max. height: 83 cm Seat width: 46 cm Seat depth: 39 cm Min. seat height: 39 cm Max. seat height: 51 cm
JULES Swivel chair silver color Width: 22 " Depth: 22 " Seat width: 17 3/8 " Seat depth: 16 1/2 " Min. seat height: 16 1/8 " Max. seat height: 20 7/8 "  Width: 56 cm Depth: 56 cm Seat width: 44 cm Seat depth: 42 cm Min. seat height: 41 cm Max. seat height: 53 cm
did i just use the word "pocketbook"? who am i?

Monday, March 28, 2011

spring pretties

just a few things i adore from emerson made.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

stocking the studio

 this art cart for was at the habitat for humanity store for 10 bucks. it's sturdy and functional and awesomely paint-splattered. but that's it for buying stuff. unless it's a sofa. seriously.

Friday, March 25, 2011

button bag

my mom sent a sweet care package with yummy food goodies, the yellow curtains from my old bedroom, and this cute fabric bag with giant buttons.

still great

one of the first musicians i posted about when i started my blog two years ago was a swedish sister-duo called first aid kit. they continue to make beautiful, goosbump inducing music, and i have been interested to see the art direction they chose as they moved forward with making "professional" music videos.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

foxy walls

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

crafty carolina wren

i did a little google research and discovered the mastermind behind the shoe-nest in the mudroom: the adorably plump little carolina wren. i love its goofy cowlick of a tail.

coolest cabinet

when we saw this old 30-drawer storage cabinet at the flea market we knew we had to adopt it.
it is now the home of tons of art supplies: printmaking tools, sewing supplies, origami papers, found objects, fabric scraps, and on and on. i literally spent 4 hours loading, organizing, and labeling it.
now we should really lay off the furniture buying - especially since what we really *need* is to be saving for a couch (but you understand, don't you, that this was a very special circumstance?).

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


in attempts to keep the floors cleaner and avoid constant sweeping, we are implementing a no-shoes policy in the house. eli has a couple particularly stinky shoes he wears at work, which he dutifully left in the "mudroom" on his way in a couple days ago. we had the screen door propped open since we are still bringing things in and out, and this is what his shoe looks like this morning:

a little birdy family has decided it was a good spot for their nest. it is so darn cute, eli may just have to surrender his shoe to their mission...

Monday, March 21, 2011

tripod transformation

at the flea market this weekend we bought a neat antique wooden tripod. then we wired it and bought a shade at Lowes and turned it into this floor lamp:
it's a bit wobbley so we're still brainstorming ways to make it a little sturdier without ruining the coolness of the aesthetic (ideas are welcome), but i'm pretty pleased with it. charismatic object + function = yay!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

art experiment

eli did some little drawings and i embroidered into them. 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

flea market field trip

we went to the raleigh flea market this morning and it was everything i imagined and more.
there was furniture and collectibles and lots of neat random junk/treasure.
there was also this guy with a lizard on his back. 
and we met brian and anne there. they brought us fancy breakfast muffins.
and the world was right and good.
photos of our purchases coming soon...

a little project

the newly installed magnetic knife rack in the newly painted kitchen...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

it's tummy looks like a smiley face.

i am totally stressed out dealing with the claims department at the moving company - they broke several items including my dresser, and my art books were badly water damaged. so here is a happy tortoise video for distraction purposes. but seriously, don't use EZ movers.

craigslist begins

things are still messy around here, but that has not stopped us from tackling the grand adventure that is  craigslist. first order of business: storage. i am in love with this little house, but it is seriously lacking in closets - there is no coat closet, no utility closet, no pantry closet, no linen closet... just a modest closet in each bedroom, and that's all. so our first purchase was this pretty oak cabinet to serve as a makeshift linen closet, which we have already filled up. next to be craigslisted: bookshelves and storage for the art room (which you can see in the background is in total disarray).

Sunday, March 13, 2011

relocated and it feels so good

i know i have had a long absence from blogland, but i assure you, it was for a very good reason. i have been moving myself and all my earthly possessions across the country to north carolina.  the move was super stressful and we ended up sleeping at a friends for a whole week until we could move into our house. then there was some last minute paperwork and a few snags that held things up, so that was chaotic (i cried 4 times), but now i am here and safe and it is 75 degrees and sunny, and wow, that just really makes everything better.
we have already started a million house-related projects (and even finished a few), including painting the kitchen, art room, front door, and master closet, plus hanging art, fixing rain gutters, and assembling furniture and moving it all around. it is really coming together... i am tired but happy. here are a few photos in it's current state.

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