Sunday, November 13, 2011

homeownership shitstorm

first, two weeks ago, our furnace died. not "died" like we need to fix it or we need a new part or something - "died" like it was condemned by the city. our gas line was turned off. we need an entire new unit, plus installation, permits, duct work, co2 detectors, the works. after two weeks of poorly heating our house with space heaters, countless hours on hold, visits from two repair companies, and mounds of paperwork, we got a quote friday for the total cost. it is a lot. a whole hell of a lot. there were tears.
then, last week when we were huddled around a space heater, we heard a shattering crash. someone had thrown a rock through our living room window. really. i was so scared. we called the police. they came. no one saw anything. they filed a report, and they left. more tears.
then, today, our sewer backed up. it's too gross and upsetting to even go into. but lets just say the toilets and tub suddenly started overflowing with sewage and flooded our house. so. many. tears. the people from the city came and said the problem is not in the street, it is on our property. so eli called a plumber, who came tonight. he thinks the blockage is being caused by a tree root that has grown into a major pipe. this would mean excavation, removal of the giant oak in our yard, new piping, and who knows what else. he is still outside trying to figure out an estimate. and in the meantime, we have the hugest, grossest mess to clean up, a crazy week ahead of us, and on top of it all, we both have nasty colds.
i'm going to lay down for a minute before i clean up poop water.


Anonymous said...

what can i do? how can i help?
sending love, mom

Megan said...

That's so awful, I'm so sorry Lizzie!

gportelli said...

my poor lizzie! i love you. if i could, I would totally come clean your poop water. (since we all know poop's kinda my thing ;)

Sarah said...

unbelievable. when it rains it pours... so sorry.

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