Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Googley Eye-dea

the students i work with in the after school program love googley eyes. like, they are obsessed with them. it started with a group of 5th grade girls making these little creatures...
But it soon evolved into boys and girls of all ages rushing to the art cabinet to pillage for eyes, then grabbing at glue guns and attaching eyes to various random objects from the "junk" shelf. in addition to the puff-ball creatures that started it all, the students have made plastic bottles with eyes, toilet paper rolls with eyes, glass jars with eyes, and on and on.
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Add Googley Eyes To Brighten Your Day
Seriously, we can't buy enough googley eyes.
i've been thinking about how exciting it seems to be for the kids to anthropomorphise regular objects by adding these eyes - even trash is suddenly precious when it can look back at you. what is it about adding eyes that is so powerful to these kids? is it particular to this group of kids? or is there something in all of us that wants to humanize our surroundings?

anyway, it got my brain going about a silly project idea that they might like. i'm thinking we can use some recycled materials to make giant googley-type eye balls and use them to add some whimsy to the park behind the school - we can put them in trees, on telephone polls, etc. like this:

it will be so funny to bring things to life! and maybe it can lead to other community beautification projects (i've already had talks with some kids about how they think the park is too bare and uninviting) - i have a lot of ideas...


Anonymous said...

fabulous idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & fabulous you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love, mom

annapate said...

That is super fun!

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