Tuesday, November 15, 2011

disaster updates

plumbing update: our toilets flush! i don't have to pee in the backyard! but, our tub is still backed up and won't not drain. the 4th (yes, fourth) plumber is on his way here now, so hopefully by tomorrow i can take a shower like a normal person.
furnace update: i've lost track of how many repair people we've dealt with on this one, but some dude is coming in the morning to take more of our money and hopefully remove the condemned unit so we can order a new one and give them more money and then they can install it and take even more money. fingers crossed.
this is part of our cracked heat exchanger, which is what causes carbon monoxide to leak into the house.
window update: there's still a giant hole in the living room window but compared to everything else, it kind of seems like no biggie. we'll deal with that once we have heat and/or plumbing.


gportelli said...

glad to hear you have a toilet! good luck with the rest. sounds like you're making progress.

Anonymous said...

thinking of you all & sending love!
---- mom

annapate said...

that's insane! I haven't been on blogger in a little while so this is the first I am hearing of your house disasters. I can;t believe all that happened at one time!! The good news is: it can only get better from here. Let me know if I can help out in any way.... I'll be sending you good luck vibes, I hope it all gets worked out soon. xoxoxox

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