Wednesday, September 21, 2011

introducing darby

i have a little someone for you to meet. her name is darby, and she is our new rescue pup!

so far, she is awesome because:
she doesn't bark. AT ALL.
she barely sheds.
she curls up like a fox.
she walks all the way around a treat before eating it.
she likes to nap.
she only goes potty outside.
she is a totally unique little mutt (maybe part squirrel/wolf/otter?).
we're in love! more pictures than you could ever want will probably follow.

[note to gina: she is harriet size and totally non-threatening. you'll like her. promise.]


annapate said...

WOW. you are dog owner! she's seems really cute for a dog.

Monica said...

oh my! that is sooo insanely cute.

gportelli said...

what?! why don't you just get a dolphin for the bathtub before i get there!

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