Sunday, July 17, 2011

the built-ins are built (in!)

The great built-in project of 2011 has officially been completed! 
Here are a few in-progress shots:
And here's a 'before' photo, for reference.  we wanted storage there but the big bookshelf was just not working out:


And After:
We love them and are so proud of our hard work (mostly thanks to Eli and Frank's construction skills, with my contribution being of the priming/painting/sanding/filling variety). The framed fabric collage on the larger bookcase was a gift from Claire.  We love it. 


O'Melly said...

That's a great idea for space like that!

Anonymous said...


love, mom

gportelli said...

nice work!

Jody McDowell said...

they look amazing! the perfect use of the space.. great job :)

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