Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Goodbye awnings

Last week the giant metal awnings covering the front and back of the house finally came down. here is the house before:
and after:
and the front porch before:
and after:
Now that the front porch is more visible, I'm planning some sprucing up projects like replacing the old light fixture, adding some hanging plants, a fresh coat of paint, and eventually a porch swing and some new railings.
One of the most dramatic parts of the transformation was the amount of light in the house. Below is the guest bedroom with the awnings on (as you can see, they hang down and cover more than half the windows):
and after the awnings were removed:
 So much sun! Such a difference! Happy day!


Susan said...

Love it!

annapate said...

soo much better! Your new house is probably thanking you for making her pretty again.

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