Thursday, April 21, 2011

gray house/yellow house

We can't afford to paint the house for a while, but we've been talking about yellow or gray to go with the new red door...
Bungalows across the nation—like this cheery example in Jacksonville, Florida—reflected Arts & Crafts principles with their low, sloping roofs and informal one-story designs.
Yellow bungalow style house with garden, exterior view (1598R-41518 / AA014705 © Exactostock)


Laura said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetheart:

We missed you at the Seder tonight, but you were here in spirit, & we recalled many fond memories!
About the house color: we pick yellow because it's so bright, sunny, cheerful, & artistic like both of you.

Love you more than words can say,
Auntie Mary & Uncle Deano

Anonymous said...

Hi Lizzie:

i may be the only one, but i like the gray b/c it's classic, southern, easy to maintain, & won't show much dirt. it will never go out of style... even Aunt Mary agrees w/this last point...
we all missed you tonight at the seder, & send you both hugs & love... love you --mom

andrea said...

i'm in love with the doorframe on the last pic.

my mom's house is pale yellow with barn red trim. we picked yellow because it was the only color of vinyl siding that wasn't completely boring. the house looks... distinct. if you do yellow, i'd recommend going with a goldenrod shade.

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