Tuesday, March 15, 2011

craigslist begins

things are still messy around here, but that has not stopped us from tackling the grand adventure that is  craigslist. first order of business: storage. i am in love with this little house, but it is seriously lacking in closets - there is no coat closet, no utility closet, no pantry closet, no linen closet... just a modest closet in each bedroom, and that's all. so our first purchase was this pretty oak cabinet to serve as a makeshift linen closet, which we have already filled up. next to be craigslisted: bookshelves and storage for the art room (which you can see in the background is in total disarray).


embracing tao said...

My art room is orange, too! Such a happy, energetic color!

Alexandra said...

This is such a funny entry - because you are bemoaning that you have "only" one closet in each bedroom. My 1920s house has NO closets. Not one. :)

Lizzie said...

wow, zero closets would be rough. our house was built in the 40's so it's a pretty standard amount of closet space for the time period, but a lot less than i've gotten used to (i used to have an amazing walk-in closet... sigh).

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