Friday, February 25, 2011

happy house thoughts

well, i finally have a solid moving plan in place - we'll be driving down to durham next week! i was hoping that we could get all the paperwork done for the house by then, but being far away and snail-mailing things back and forth makes for a much more lengthy process. so its looking like we will have to stay with friends for a couple days until we are allowed to move ourselves (and all our stuff) into the house. this stresses me out a bit (a LOT). so i am trying to breathe and think happy-house-thoughts about what color we will paint the bedroom and such. all in all, the process has gone pretty smoothly, and from the horror stories we've heard from friends (and HGTV), it could be a lot worse than a few days of displacement.
see? positive attitude! i'm trying.


Sunny & Star said...

I stress so easily and I am a constant worrier. I know how difficult moving is. But think about how much fun it is decorating a new place once you are settled.

sweetgeorgiabrown said...

sharing happy house thoughts with you! and you get a road trip! score! xoxo

annapate said...

YAY!! I can't wait to visit you in your new house :)

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