Tuesday, February 15, 2011

bungalow rainbow

here is the current outside of our 1940's hopefully-soon-to-be-house:
we're not fans of the current "granny peach" color, so i've been thinking (obsessing?) about potential paint/trim options. of course, first things first - the awnings. must. go. but here is a collection of some exterior color inspiration...

and here are some "historically accurate" color schemes:
thoughts? ideas? further inspiration? do tell!


Anna Ficken said...

lizzie bean, I like the earthy green. I was always drawn to bungalows with that color.
miss you,
annie banana

annapate said...

i like gray.

Jeni said...

I like the orangey-yellow, I've always been a sucker for yellowy houses. And I like the "historically accurate" color scheme that would accompany something like that. I also like the earthy green, and greens in general are nice for houses as well. I guess I'm a Packer fan.

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