Tuesday, August 10, 2010

sweet potato room

my bedroom is now the color of the inside of a sweet potato, and i don't think i've even showed you any pictures of it yet. it looks very different depending on the light, which i think is fun.

also of note: when i moved in, my closet doors were all wonky and mismatched and uggo. now they are both white and clean and lovely, and i am much happier. because i am the sort of person to whom these things really matter.

closet doors before:

and after:


Lulu said...

ohhh gorgeous! i had my bedroom that color for the longest time (okay, so it was called "Pumpkin" and was a bit different, but still) and loved it. it looks gorgeous with your bedding! =]

Crooked Sister said...

I think orange tones is a color choice that some people might be really apprehensive to consider but I think this "sweet potato" looks wonderful. I love how warm it is.

Sunny & Star said...

I like that it's unique. It gives your room a little extra personality.

elsiee said...

our bedroom is also a shade of saffron/sweet potato and I adore it so warm and inviting and different in every light - love your room too!

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