Wednesday, August 4, 2010

our town, and a small moment i still remember

when i was a kid i used to get into bed with my mom when she was watching tv before bed. most nights we watched the mary tyler moore show, but once a week my mom watched northern exposure, a show that i remember fondly (although i'm sure i am remembering it from a skewed, child-like perspective). when she show ended, my mom was sad. i remember watching the series finale with her on the bed, and as the last scenes between the characters played out against the gorgeous backdrop of alaska, this is the song that was playing. and i remember my mom crying as the song played and the stories wrapped around each other. maybe it's weird i remember it so vividly, but it was lovely, so moving... and just exactly right.

anyway, here is a video of the song. iris always looks so terribly pained when she sings - if her voice wasn't so absolutely perfect, her expressiveness might make me giggle.

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