Friday, July 30, 2010

busy bee

well. i've had one of the busiest weeks, maybe ever. here is a quick rundown of things that have been going on.

1. i started a new term of teaching, this time with more classes than i've ever taught at once
2. i unpacked a lot of stuff from the move, and hung more art and things on the walls

3. i went to milwaukee to visit drew in the hospital
4. Gina and i had lunch with our former thesis adviser, Angela, and her red-haired, cuter-than-all-cuteness-combined baby, Seneca

5. Anna and Joseph are staying with me this weekend and i'm having a little housewarming party
6. a friend from college was in chicago on tour with his band, so i went to their show and hung out with some of their giant entourage

7. i touched up the paint in the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen
8. i failed to sleep or do the dishes

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