Tuesday, July 13, 2010

apartment tetris crazytimes

oh, god. i am frantically packing for my move tomorrow and am suddenly faced, once again, with the enormous amount of STUFF that somehow belongs to me. i am pretty organized, but all that really means is that when i move i have way.more.stuff. than i think i do, because it is all so neatly tucked away in some apartment-closet-master-tetris-like-game. i took a few boxes of fragile things over this morning but SERIOUSLY i have like 50 GIANT boxes plus all my furniture and it's getting down to the wire and what about all those little things like all my chargers and remotes and cords and knicknacks and the photos that go on the fridge? they are all somewhere in some box and i couldn't at all tell you where. which just makes me feel like a totally crazy person.

1 comment:

gportelli said...

deep breath. it'll be over soon.

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