Saturday, June 19, 2010

groundwork for moving day

i am planning to move next month, which infinitely stresses me out. change in general makes me uneasy, but when it is my home that is in transition, i am especially spazzy (like, i literally have nightmares about not having time to pack everything, leaving things behind, some disaster that causes temporary homelessness, etc.). i have been in my current place for three years, and have accumulated a bit of stuff in that time (specifically heavy furniture), and, though i have many talents, lifting heavy things is not one of them. i have nevertheless helped some friends move over the years who would probably be willing to help me out, but i will still have to somehow gather a billion boxes and rent/drive a u-haul (more nightmares). i have been doing some research on moving in the city, and came upon this service, which i am considering as an earth-friendly alternative to cardboard boxes.

i am also looking into the possibility/price of a moving service. have any of you out there used one? was it worth the money? any recommendations?


Megan said...

I hate moving too, and I'll have to do it again this fall. I haven't used movers before (just my big cousins), but I'm thinking this year might be the year. let me know what you find!

Lydia said...

My advice from experience: hire movers. They will have you moved in two to three hours. They are quick and profession, this is their job. Have a good friend, (my preference - male) to help you out because you will be stressed and not thinking straight. Also, a male friend is good to have around because it deters others from having conversations with cute single ladies. Good luck with your new place! I can't wait to see what you do with it!

Anonymous said...

Movers make it so much easier! I used a company in Minneapolis that hires college boys to do the moving, so I felt safer knowing they are in school. They moved my one bedroom apartment in 3 hours, if that. It also gave me time to clean the apartment I was moving out of as they were moving the stuff out.

sara said...

interesting...! but i wonder, do the boxes get cleaned (well) between uses?

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