Thursday, May 27, 2010

end of an era

willie nelson cut off his badass braids. i feel confused and uneasy.


Beth said...


Lulu said...

i...i have to agree with Beth. the only emoticon that seems to feel right in this situation is O.O


annapate said...

its the shirt that is the biggest problem.

CrowNology said...

You scared me.
I grew up with Willie. My Mother loved him...He was played often, on vinyl.

laura may said...

Yeah, I was worried for a second, thought he'd passed away. Bet that feels weird for him, without his braids.


Drew said...

More power to Willie. Icon though he is, he's earned the right to do what he will with his locks. Heck, he can remember when a dimebag cost a dime! So let the man have control over his hair, please. Plus, he did it because he had a golf injury. In my book, that shows a commitment to the game, so I'm very willing to let him off the hook.

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