Thursday, May 27, 2010

commence apartment search!

so, my lease renewal came last week, and landlordfolks are raising my (already high) rent a whole bunch. i have been in this apartment for three years, so i decided it was time for a change anyway, and have commenced a city-wide apartment hunt extravaganza. this has already involved lots of craigslist stalking, one trip with an apartment agent, and a full day of walking my but all over town writing down numbers off "for rent" signs.

it's tricky, because i have very high standards when it comes to apartments (as i do with most things). coupled with the pride and happiness i garner from having a living space i adore, and my unwillingness to compromise on certain features, it's kind of a long shot. but i'm determined. wish me luck.


Megan said...

If you want to wait till sept/oct.. you can have my apartment!

gportelli said...

i like searching, if you decide you want company.

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