Tuesday, May 11, 2010

beeing seen

i've been following the MoMA flickr page as it documents the marina abramovic exhibit in new york. when museum-goers sit with the artist (as part of the performnace piece the artist is present), they have such insense emotional reactions. so many of them cry... i think it must be quite similar to what i felt when the stanger on the train drew me. beeing seen can be so powerful.


Crooked Sister said...

There is something very moving about taking the time to sit and just simply stare and engage with someone. I used to take acting classes and one of the exercises we had to do was spend a few minutes and stare in someone's eyes. To say the least, it proved extremely difficult to do (for me) and brought up so many emotions. I often found myself crying like these people.

gportelli said...

it's interesting, because i don't think the tears have anything to do with engagement. it seems she's looking through them, not looking at them.

Lydia said...

It's very interesting and moving. I had no idea about the Flickr page. Thanks for sharing.

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