Thursday, March 11, 2010

from the mouths of babes

there used to be the sweetest video clip here, in which a little boy discovers his uncles are "husband and husband", chats with them about it a bit, says "that means you love each other!" and then, after deciding there's nothing to strange about that, asks them if they would like to go play ping pong with him.
sadly, it has been taken off youtube due to hateful comments from ignorant people that made the family fear for their safety.


Katy said...

Lizzie yo do find the most beautiful videos! This child is just brilliant!

Anonymous said...

NOOOO! Y is this video no where to be found now??? ='[ ='[ ='[
I thinkj i just died a little inside ='[

Anonymous said...

i cant believe how incredibly ignorant people are. ='[
I hate people.

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