Sunday, March 21, 2010

hot mess

i'm back from my trip but totally discombobulated. how is it already 10pm sunday night? what about everything i have to do before tomorrow morning?

i haven't unpacked, my apartment is a mess, i burned the tofu, i am eyeballs deep in grading exams AND sketchbooks, i spilled juice on my sofa, i can't find my glasses, and i now have zero food in my house. what is happening here!? why am i so totally a hot mess?

i sort of feel like how jeni looked when she woke up from sleeping in the car to discover what i had done with her hair while she was unconscious. except that was actually pretty funny.


an observance of hermits said...

bwahahaha. i love everything about this picture.

nice work, lizzie.

Gidgetty said...

hehe. I think I have a similar photo of same person post-nap in a car. also, still jealous of your sunny trip.

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