Sunday, February 28, 2010

visual re-cap

i realized on the plane home yesterday that i only took one photo on my whole trip to nebraska. this is very unlike me. i tried to make up for by doodling an illustrated cartoon guide to the weekend, which will just have to suffice.

also, the one photo i did take? it was this:

i have no explanation for this purple-statue-creature, except that i came across it early one morning trying to make my way from beth's house to jeni's house (note: gorilla-friend is not actually on the way from beth's house to jeni's house. i got very very lost - inexplicably, considering they live 4 blocks apart.).

most importantly, and despite a little last-minute panic, jeni's opera went beautifully (do you like how i call it "jeni's" opera, as though the entire thing belongs to her? me too). there was a standing ovation and some happy tears, and then a midnight trip to applebees, which must be one of the finest dining esablishments in all of lincoln, nebraska, seeing as i am taken there every time i visit.


an observance of hermits said...

oh hey there! (this is allison.) may i just say again how much i love my cartoon likeness, and also that your gorilla friend and i are very well acquainted, because i pass him every sunday on my way to my church job! i love him, and i'm glad you got the chance to meet (even though he definitely does not live between beth and jeni's).

Crooked Sister said...

I love coming across random stuff on the street! It makes my day and that gorillas is amazing.

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