Saturday, February 20, 2010

hometown love for locksley

so back in madison, my home sweet home, i went to high school with these boys who were in a band. the band was called a few different things at different points in time (i have a cd from when they were "the philosopher kings", i think) but by the time we graduated it was called locksley, and they had decided to move to new york and do the music thing.

anyways, they have been on tv, played lots of awesome venues, posed in magazines with models, gone on tour all over the world (i think japan wins for loving them the most), and started wearing tighter and tighter pants. they're releasing their new cd on the 23rd, and you should probably get it. also, i think you'll agree that the way this video was shot/edited (in one continuous take) is super-funky-cool.

you can head to their myspace music page for more about them.

also, here is sam (a.k.a. the drummer) with adam and myself out to brunch one lovely madison sunday. this picture of sam also nicely illustrates how most people feel about my habit of taking pictures of people while they are trying to eat.

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