Monday, January 25, 2010

unarticulated awe

take a moment to look at the beautiful work of emily barletta. there are some artists whose work i am so drawn to, so inspired by, so in awe of... that i can't even really articulate it. part of it is that her work reminds me slightly of some things i have attempted myself, but multiplied by ten billion. looking at her pieces just makes me feel like myself.


LuliBags said...

This is so unusual. Brilliant. Lx

ELINtm said...

I've loved her work for a while now. It's truly stunning! I'd love to see the pieces in the flesh, as it were. Here's hoping she'll show over in the UK sometime :)

Get Felted said...

wow - definately unusual and very beautiful. reminds me of underwater photos of coral. I love the hanging pods you made too!

Julia B said...

Amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing this :-)

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