Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i like making lists

today i...

1) cleaned my camera, which i have never really done before, i realized. in the process i accidentally took this picture of my floor, which i actually really like:

2) talked extensively with my sister about the most recent "scandal" on The Bachelor, how the show propagates all that is wrong with world, and how we can't stop watching it.

3) made a spinach lasagna.

4) re-discovered my obsession with mariee sioux:

5) found out anna is going to come visit this weekend. this is very good news. here is anna on the lake in madison, saying hello/making me nervous:

1 comment:

sweetgeorgiabrown said...

1) yay anna!
2) thru what/where/how did you make your artist/therapist website? its lovely

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