Thursday, January 7, 2010

done and still-to-do

things i have done since getting back to chicago:
  • went to a chili dinner at gina and phil's (delicious and lovely)
  • saw crazy heart with brendan and cried (predictably)
  • hula hooped on a wii fit (embarrassing)
  • sent thank-you notes (i'm old-school)
  • made risotto (but not very well)
things i have not done since getting back to chicago:
  • unpacked my suitcase (bad)
  • woken up before 12 (very bad)
  • caught up on phone calls to far away friends (looking forward to this)
  • cleared off the gift-wrapping station that used to be my kitchen table (it's time)
  • made a paper-cut collage with my new super-fun vintage papers (my work surface is covered in gift wrap. ahem.)


Erica Leigh said...

lol, there's still time to adjust, so don't worry about waking up early or unpacking (i'm the same way when it comes to that kinda stuff).

i like the vintage papers! where'd you get those from anyway?

Jessica Jo said...

new... vintage? contradiction in terms. I wish I could sleep until 12.

Lizzie said...

well, new-to me! they were a birthday gift :)

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