Tuesday, June 30, 2009

shopping with the bride

last week i went shopping with monica to look at bridal dresses for her upcoming wedding. it was fancy and fun and we saw lots of pretty things. we went to the studios of two dress designers here in chicago, and were lucky enough to meet with the designers themselves for both of our appointments. we saw lots of dresses, but there were a few that stood out (one in particular, i thought). i would post some photos here but monica's sneeky fiance might think to look here (he's smart like that, but i'm on to him) and that would ruin her plans for a surprise. so instead i'll post some weddingish flowers i like. deal?

Monday, June 29, 2009


today i'm in the studio working on these little beets. my fibers class has a collaborative assignment to set up a "fiber farmers market", and each student is making a different food item to "sell" (we are actually going to just trade) at the market on wednesday. each beet is created with two screen printed stencils, plus a heat pressed image i hand drew. today i am finishing up my sewing (i used a MACHINE. it was scary.) and stuffing, and then i'll figure out some sort of box or crate or basket to display them in.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009

peeking inside

i have always been so interested in how other people live. i get really excited when i get to go into somones house or apartment for the first time, or even when i get a glimpse of people's living space through a window (i swear i am only interested in their home decor, but i know that still sounds totally creepy). which is why i love seeing photographic "house tours" on the web - it satisfies a big source of curiosity, and also gives me tons of inspiration. these images of stephanie barnes's home (found at cafemom) are no exception. her color pallate is not unlike to the one i chose for my own apartment, and stephanie's general aesthetic sense is similar to what i tend to aim for...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Princess Baby

a birthday crown for rania, hand sewn from of felt and little birdy fabric...

rania is the first baby in the family in like 20 years, which makes her kind of a princess. my cousin gave birth to her right after i moved to chicago, and i'm going to her two year old birthday party tomorrow, crown in hand.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

we are the ones who make a brighter day

texture, textile, function

look at the beautiful and interesting textures on these pieces of furniture from under construction...

via here

thought for today: the light strikes at odd angles

Sometimes, when the light strikes at odd angles
and pulls you back into childhood

and you are passing a crumbling mansion
completely hidden behind old willows

or an empty convent guarded by hemlocks
and giant firs standing hip to hip,

you know again that behind that wall,
under the uncut hair of the willows

something secret is going on,
so marvelous and dangerous

that if you crawled through and saw,
you would die, or be happy forever.

-Lisel Mueller

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

recent happenings

1. a delicious dinner at lula's, complete with this awesome, as-of-yet-unidentified flower centerpiece:

2. a free outdoor concert in millennium park, featuring music from columbia:

3. a laundry disaster-turned-opportunity (cream sweater + red sock = mess. my solution: dye it "violet indigo"):

4. seeking art inspiration from produce (more on this soon):

apartment love

i'm a big fan of this house tour. i like that some of the little knicknacks, photos, and personal items are out in the open rather than hidden away to decrease clutter. i really appreciate the kind of "clutter" that makes a space feel lived in. my only complaint is that there is quite a lot of white - i usually prefer pairing light walls like these with some wood furniture for contrast. or perhaps a painted wall in the kitchen would offset the lovely white table and cabinets? or maybe its perfect just as it is, and i'm just being weirdly picky today because i had a frustrating day in the studio(?).

Monday, June 22, 2009

here's to the longest day of the year

i much preferred it to the shortest day.
happy solstice, all.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

i'm impressed.

so i just found these photos of aimee kick, a missouri teenager who made her own prom dress out of coffee filters. i think it is so lovely, and so brilliant. in the bottom pictures you can see how delicate and well crafted the bodice is, which was sewn entirely by hand. she's clearly quite talented and creative. also, if i'm not mistaken, i think the necklace is made of strung coffee beans...

secret fathers day bandana club

me, my dad, his beard, and our matching fashion-headwear, circa 1983.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

art mess

no matter what kind of snazzy organization system i try to work out, i still have art stuff everywhere.

even my little kitchen is crowded with bins of supplies.

so today i'm thinking: mmm, how nice it would be to have my own studio space...

sleepover party

my often-missed friends jeni and luke came through chicago this week on the way to their various summer adventures (jeni to italy for a classical singing program, and luke to his homeland of providence, RI). so we went to dinner and had a sleepover and ate ice cream and watched movies and talked about peace -- basically everything you would do at a sleepover if you were like 11 years old. also, luke took some unflattering photos at about 2am, which i am starting to think he has a special knack for.

Friday, June 19, 2009

more embroidery inspiration

oh... i am really in love with these sweet embroidered pieces by megan ileana.

via here

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